Jurassic Park: OriginsA 100% non-profit Jurassic Park fanfilm by fans, for fans.

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Jurassic Park: Origins is a non-profit, fan-made, short-film project that will be a prequel to the original "Jurassic Park" movie released in 1993. The film will seek to tell more of the backstory about the creation of the dinosaurs, the scientific challenges, the moral and ethical struggles, and man's attempt to control nature. JP: Origins wishes to distance itself from simply being a "monster mayhem" flick, and instead will employ a strong story, compelling characters, and a well-crafted plot. Of course, the film will also have plenty of dinosaur interaction; JPOrigins has a team of CGI professionals who will be bringing the dinosaurs to life, just like ILM did in the original film. We also have a number of practical effects professionals who will be making some small models and possibly animatronics for the film. For a number of reasons, the film will be non-profit, and nobody involved with the project will gain financially in any way. For this reason, we are seeking community involvement and "crowdsourcing" to make this project possible. We're currently in pre-production and are working hard on the script, casting, and dinos to make make sure the project will be as awesome as possible. Only with your help will we be able to create this spectacular short film.

We Need You

Jurassic Park: Origins will be 100% non-profit. Everyone involved in the project will be giving their own time and money to create this short film, but we are going to need a lot of help. Making a great shortfilm with high production value will take an enormous amount of time and effort, and a reasonable budget. That's where we're looking to you to help make this project a reality. By "crowdsourcing" this project, we will both be able to keep it 100% non-profit and 100% fan-made. We'll also be able to offer various levels of rewards for different levels of financial backing, very similar to the popular sites "Kickstarter" and "IndieGoGo". All money raised will go directly into the film's production. That includes rental of all the necessary equipment (cameras, lenses, jibs, lighting, monitors, sound, etc), location fees, materials cost for models and animatronics, craft services for the cast and crew donating their time, transportation, etc. Although we'd love to be able to pay for all of this from our own pockets, we simply can't. We need You. We need your enthusiasm, your encouragement, and if you can... your financial support. By backing the film, you will be enabling an awesome Jurassic Park short-film, receiving some really cool rewards, and getting involved with a community of fans who are die hard dino lovers and Jurassic Park fans. This truly will be a JP short film by fans, for fans.