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Feb 2012

Hammond's Elephant V2 Render

PH edgehammond elephant edge

Hammond's Elephant V1 Render

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Re-reading the Books :)

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Julien Releases New Demo Reel!


Backer Rewards Test

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Hey guys, we've been testing out some new ideas for facebook challenge rewards/ backing incentives for when we launch. Here's one concept we had, this is a laser engraved wooden plaque with the artwork of JP:Origins fan Rob Miranda. He hand drew the Raptor featured on this wood plaque. We're thinking about looking into this kind of thing for big challenge rewards and for different levels of backing on the “Invest” page. What do you guys think?

reward1 edge

reward2 edge

Cryocan Winner Announced!

Huge congrats to our Cryocan Contest winner, Daniel Scarpati! He made a video about winning/receiving the prop. Check it out :)!


T-rex with Raptors Render

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T-rex Update

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