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May 2012

Julien in Kauai pt. 3

Hey guys and gals, here's another quick video from Julien. He's standing where the main Jurassic Park gate was filmed and used to be (it is no longer there but you can still see the support beams).


Julien in Kauai pt. 2

Hey guys and girls, here is the 2nd update from Julien while on his trip to Kauai. In this video he's standing right next to where the Velociraptor pen was shot in the first movie :)!


Julien in Kauai

A quick update from Julien who is in Kauai, Hawaii right now visiting the shooting locations from the original Jurassic Park! He will be getting some awesome video from these places to use in the JP:Origins trailer. Stay tuned for more updates :).