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Oct 2011

T-rex Animation Test

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Julien shares a rough draft test of T-rex animation. Keep in mind, this is just a quick test, not a finished product. But, you can see that it's on it's way to looking great.


T-rex Test Render

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Julien does a test render of the mighty T-rex


Julien Meets Spielberg!

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Co-director and 3d-visual effects lead (yes, he's responsible for the awesome dinosaur models) of JP:Origins, Julien Romeo got to meet none other than Steven Spielberg today! Julien gave Steven a book of his 3d work, and Spielberg was impressed. Check the photos below to see pictures of Julien getting to meet Spielberg!


Stego Progress

Julien has been working on the rigging, muscle weights, and initial animation for the Stegosaurus model.


Test Footage

Here's a test render of some footage that we'll be using in the teaser trailers.