Jurassic Park: OriginsA 100% non-profit Jurassic Park fanfilm by fans, for fans.

  • What is Jurassic Park: Origins?
Jurassic Park: Origins is a 100% non-profit, fan-made, short-film project currently in pre-production. JP:Origins serves as a prequel to the original "Jurassic Park" movie released in 1993 and seeks to tell more of the backstory of the creation of the dinosaurs. The project is looking to "crowdsource" the production costs to make this awesome fanfilm.
  • Are there legal/copyright issues with the shortflim, and are you afraid of being sued by Universal?
Although we have reached out to Universal via their formal rights/legal process, we have not received any more than their standard form letter which details their rights. After thoroughly researching the legalities of fanfilms, what we have determined is that fan made films pertaining to copyrighted material is a very grey legal area. There are many outlooks into what pertains to fair use, etc. Also, the project has been counseled that it would be virtually impossible for Universal to give any sort of official or even unofficial permission for this project. What we do know is that the major factors involved are the attitude of the copyright holder, and the intention and the respectfulness with which the project is approached. Our understanding is that if no person involved with Jurassic Park benefits financially or personally in any way, and we remain respectful of the fact that Universal hold all rights, then it is likely that we will not encounter issues. Obviously, this means we can't make guarantees, and if Universal or Amblin wish to exercise their right to have us cease and desist, we will of course immediately full comply. That being said, we feel that by approaching this project as non-profit, purely for the entertainment of fans, and respectful of the original work, we hopefully will not encounter issues.
  • How do contribute to the project, and what are some of the backer's rewards available?
We have currently decided not to use the popular crowdsourcing sites Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, since they take a large percentage fee from the money that backers invest. Instead, we have made a "Back This Project" page on this website that works in essentially exactly the same way as the popular crowdsourcing sites. Payments can be made via Paypal, so instead of 7-10% of raised money going to fees (like with Kickstarter or IndieGoGo), only 3% of the total raised goes towards the PayPal transaction fees. That means more of the money you invest goes straight to the project. We think that option is better all-around :). Of course, we will accept international payment as well (an extra cost to cover shipping for international backer's is required for some reward levels). Rewards include digital download of the final film, DVDs, t-shirts, posters, props, behind-the-scenes access, and much more. Go check it out on the "Back This Project" page!
  • What is the storyline of JP:Origins?
JP:Origins will explore some of the themes and story elements that are heavily emphasized in the novels. The film will focus on the development of the science and technology behind the dinosaur cloning, the moral and ethical consequences of the characters' actions, and the overarching theme of the illusion of control and that "life will find a way". We want to get to know the characters behind Jurassic Park, and we want to take a look at what it would be like to bring back animals from a time long past that we know little about. We want to make sure this isn't just a "Monster Mayhem" type movie, and instead will focus on character development and a strong plot.
  • Will the storyline follow the movie or the books?
Actually, it will follow both to some extent. In writing the script, we have borrowed heavily from Crichton's source material in the novel. But, we also want to stay true to the movies and have tried to find a happy medium between the two. We think both fans of the novels and the movies will be pleased with what we've come up with.
  • How many years before the original film is this movie set?
The timeframe is 1982-1989. We follow the flow of events from when Hammond begins the project of cloning dinosaurs, all the way up to just before the incidents of the first movie.
  • What's the film's setting/location?
The main goal is of course to show the creation of the dinosaurs. So, we'll both follow the earlier portion of the story in the labs where the DNA is being cloned and the embryos grown, then we'll also get to see the dinosaurs in outdoor locations as InGen begins preparations for a park setting. If we get enough funding, we'd love to be able to shoot many of the outdoor locations at the original shooting location of Jurassic Park, the island of Kauai in Hawaii.
  • Is there going to be CGI / How will the JP:Origins team bring the dinosaurs to life?
Julien Romeo has spent many years developing incredibly realistic 3D dinosaur models true to the original film. Along with his team of VFX artists, animators, lighting, and compositors, they will be brining the Jurassic Park dinosaurs back to the screen in stunning quality.
  • Since this is a prequel, will we get to see any full-size dinosaurs?
Although a large section of the film will focus on the younger dinosaurs, JP:O will cover a broad time range (1982-1989), so we will definitely get to see some full-grown dinos as the film progresses.
  • What are some of the species of dinosaurs that we'll get to see in the film?
Although we haven't determined 100% exactly which animals will appear in the film, there is a very high likelyhood of the following dinosaurs:
-Tryranosaurus Rex
And a moderate likelyhood of the following dinosaurs:
  • How will the movie be filmed?
More information on the technical aspects of how the film will be shot will be coming soon.
  • How long will the movie be?
Although this will depend heavily on the amount of funding we receive, the ideal length is around 45 minutes.
  • How do I follow along with the film's progress?
Check out the blog section of the site by clicking HERE.
  • Where can I see more behind the scenes pictures, videos, and information?
For those who want even more BTS and in-depth look at the project, we'll have two tiers of VIP access for those who financially contribute to the film.
  • "Contributors" will be those who back the project at less than $250 and will have access to the "Contributor's Only" section of JPOrigins.com. Contributors get access to behind-the-scenes footage and info not available in the regular "Blog" section of the JPOrigins.com site.
  • "Producers" will be those who contribute $250 or more and will have access to the "Producer's Only" section of JPOrigins.com. This tier will get access to all the "Contributor" level BTS access, as well as exclusive Producer's Only videos along the way with a closer look at the filming.
  • What is the current status of the film?
Currently, JP:Origins is in pre-production. Now that we've released some CGI tests and story information, we've decided there is enough interest to support the project. We're currently working on finishing the script, casting the main characters, and preliminary work on locations and props/animatronics. It is only with the help of "backers" that this project will be able to continue to move forward.
  • When will the movie be finished / released?
Ideally, we would like to have the shortfilm finished and ready to release before June of 2013. This way, fans would be able to view the film before the 3D re-release of the original 1993 film.